Welcome to My Affiliate Training Site

My goal is to help others see what they are getting themselves into when they decide to become an Affiliate Marketer. To get their toes wet (so to speak) and testing the water before jumping in head first. Wealthy Affiliate offers a free training module to help you understand the work involved, and I add my own insights with my own experience and background.

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6 thoughts on “Welcome to My Affiliate Training Site”

  1. It’s wonderful to find this site as many beginners are easily confused. Affiliate marketing is gaining popularity, with more people looking for ways to supplement their income. I look forward to reading your content and learning more about the Wealthy Affiliate free training module☺

  2. I think it is very nice that you decided to provided beginners, insights into affiliate marketing. Being in the “game” by myself, I know how confusing it could be at the beginning of the journey. Obviously, partly because there is lot of information available online. Important to mention is that, majority of this info is low-quality. Also, there are plenty of scams out there, only to ask money and disappear after that. After my personal experience, I know that Wealthy Affiliate is different. The info over there is accurate, comprehensive and with the only intention to help others in building thriving online business. I would definitely recommend this platform for everyone starting out in affiliate marketing.

    • Yes I could recommend WA to anyone as well. They have really taught me a lot that I always wanted to know and no one had yet explained it to me. Others always wanted large amounts of money before they would tell me anything of any substance. WA gives you intro training for free, which is why I joined in the fist place, and then went premium because I was so impressed.

      Thank you for taking taking the time to comment.

  3. This is a good resource for people looking to get into this business and I can say that most people do need to have some feeling how it is before committing so I like the free training. Thank you.


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