Interview of Kyle-Wealthy Affiliate Founder

Q. When did you decide to become an affiliate marketer and what made you decide to do so?

A. I decided to become an affiliate marketer while I was in my first year of college. I was actually introduced to the “concept” by Carson as we attended college together (for computer science).

That was back in 2002, and the rest is history!

Q. Did you succeed right away? How long did it take you before you started seeing results?

A. No, I didn’t. Like any business, before you succeed you must first understand what you are doing, and build out a proper foundation for your business.

Building websites back in 2002 wasn’t nearly as seamless as it is these days, it took me around 30 days or so just to get my first website live. That process was difficult, and cumbersome…and required some level of technical knowledge. Certainly not like the 30 seconds it takes to build a website at Wealthy Affiliate.

It took me around 3 months to generate my very first sale, around 6 months I was making revenue with more consistency and just over the year mark I was moving towards a full-time income.

Q. What was some of the training that you received to become a wealthy affiliate?

A. I learned everything as I went. Trial and error. There was nothing like Wealthy Affiliate available, I could have only wished there was.

There was some available “info products” and “forums” at the time, but they were sparse and I never actually bought one.

I just fumbled my way through the process, and sought to learn more about my audiences and WHO I was going to be selling to, versus the “tricks” other gurus were trying to sell me.

That level of focus on customers and helping people is something that has stuck with me to this day as it is the purest path to success and longevity in business.

Q. Who mentored you in your journey of affiliate marketing? For how long?

A. I didn’t have any mentors. I had people that I looked up to, but these were people that were successful in business and not in the affiliate marketing/internet marketing space.

Q. Why did you decide to create Wealthy Affiliate?

A. Carson and I got together 3 years after we had been running successful affiliate marketing businesses independently. We decided that we could effectively teach others how to do exactly what we were doing.

Thus Wealthy Affiliate started in September of 2005, and we haven’t look back since.

Q. Does teaching affiliate marketing give you more inside knowledge as to how its done correctly and successfully?

A. The process is quite simple in terms of how it works, that has not changed in the 20 years I have been in the affiliate marketing space. You have a customer, you have a product, and you have an affiliate that connects the two. If you can help people, inform them, offer them solutions to their problems, you can be a very successful affiliate marketer.

The technology around it and the market has evolved. The fundamentals have not. We don’t have any “insider” knowledge, we just have a lot of experience and knowledge that we have accrued within this industry over the year and we know exactly what it takes to be successful. Thus that is what we teach!

Q. What do you recommend one would do if one wishes to become a successful affiliate marketer?

A. Join Wealthy Affiliate. We built it for aspiring, and successful affiliate marketers to not just teach you how to succeed within the affiliate marketing (and online business) spaces, but provide you with an environment where you have the research platforms, websites, hosting, community and mentorship you need to succeed. 🙂

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