My Causes

I have a donation button posted BELOW, the proceeds of which will be
distributed as follows:

25% to the Salvation Army in my local community to help hungry people eat.
Walmart Registry, Overcome Poverty, Teach Kids, Cure Hunger, Provide Shelter,
Combat Addiction, Help Disaster Survivors


25% will go to Habitat for Humanity
Every family needs a place to call home. A place where they can dream,|
grow and become part of their community. But for many families, no matter
how hard they work and try, having a home of their own will always be
out of reach.

Habitat for Humanity works to improve people’s lives through stable,
comfortable housing. We empower our partner families to be involved
in every part of the building process, allowing them to learn new skills
and gain the satisfaction of creating a home for themselves. We are proud
to work with these wonderful families and watch them thrive and become
vital parts of our community.


25% of the proceeds to be appropriated to local homeless shelters
for families donated through The Road Home.
The Road Home is a private nonprofit social services agency that assists
individuals and families experiencing homelessness in Salt Lake County
and along the Wasatch Front.

Equal Treatment: We are committed to providing equal treatment to all
who come to us in need.
Compassion: We will nurture our love for humanity within each of our
relationships and interactions.
Respect: Respect will be the cornerstone of our conduct.
Dignity: We value the innate human dignity of every person.

We envision people moving seamlessly from the cold streets into warm
housing; from despair and alienation toward home and inclusion. We
envision a community that recognizes the inherent dignity of those who
live in poverty and homelessness. The Road Home will work with all of
our partners to realize this vision.


The remaining 25% will go for the processing of said funds. I will be
donating a portion of my earnings from sales to each of these charities.

Every quarter, on the 1st of January, April, July, and October, I will post
the books on where this money is going here on this page. I thank any
and all that find it in their hearts and budgets to give to their brothers
and sisters as your generosity is much needed and appreciated.

There have been no donations to report at this time.

Blessed Be~
Maylynn Hughes
aka: DragonBlue