The Money is in the List

I have heard and read over and over the “the money is in the list”.
What does that mean?

Your Own Mail List

As an affiliate marketer, you will want a list of people on your own personal
mailing list that you can send your affiliate offers to. You can set up your lists
for certain campaigns, and/or for niche websites.

How do you get your own Mail List?

You use safelists to give away reports or bonus items and have a form
set up to capture peoples name and email address. See below

This form is set up with an email auto responder like
You would configure this email list to send out the report upon
verification of email address. The above form is commonly
referred to as a “Capture Page”.

Safelist – A simple definition

A mailing list owned by another and their members have agreed
to receive offers from other members.

Using Safe Lists

You need to register for several safe lists. Then send out your offer
to their members. Most safe lists offer traffic packages to new
members for credits to spend on sending out your offer. You can
usually earn credits as well for viewing other members offers. I have
listed five recommendations below:

Solo Email Ads

Keep in mind, that when you do get your own list, you don’t want to just
email them sales pitches, but also send them freebies of value so that
you build trust and a relationship with them. A good formula is:
Value Freebie, Value Freebie, Sales Offer. (Rinse and repeat).

A safelist is a good way to capture members for your own email list so
that you have a list of people to send your sales offers to.

What do you think? Please give your comments below in the space provided.

p.s. You want to capture leads first and then sell them a product. I learned this concept just recently.

14 thoughts on “Safelists”

  1. I’m an affiliate marketer but I am in training through Wealthy Affiliate (which is excellent) I’m learning so much. I am still new and trying to figure out the email list and sales funnels and all of that. I need to make a freebie at some point that I can have people download that gives them real value. I’ll take that with me, offer freebie offer freebie, make the sale. Thanks!

    • You can get free PLR items. These are free reports of valuable information that you can repurpose and give away for free. If you would like a link or two to these free PLR items, let me know in my pm here and i will send it to you.

  2. Hi Maylynn,

    Thanks a lot for sharing. I believe people can learn how to create their safelist if they find something suitable for their target audience. Money is on the list! With a list under complete control, we have a chance to make consistent & recurring affiliate commissions. So, I will start building one very soon. 🙂


  3. From what I gathered, the safelist is still different from the email list that I already gathered. That I need to register for a safe list provider then I can send my offer or freebies to its members so that they can be a member of my own email list if they are interested. This is really new for me and I thank you for this article.
    Yes, we are still learning every day. I hope you give more details about your recommendations of safelist providers that you had listed. What are the pros and cons of each?

    • I could do a product review on each one. The pro’s I have found are that they give you large amounts of credits to use to post to their members via email, for free. You don’t need to surf sites for more credits to get a good start.

      I am currently digging into a site that gives you ‘cool tools’ to set up posting to several safelists (25), one right after another. I am still too new there to do a review just yet, but I will send you a link when I have researched it a bit more.

      Thank you for the content idea!

      Peace out~

  4. Hi Maylynn, love your article and the timing is perfect for me. My WA site is about 7 months old now and I am seriously thinking about how I can build an email list. I had not heard of these Safe Lists before. Is there a fee for these, I imagine there is. If I understand you correctly, when members on this Safe List respond to your offer, then you can add them to your own list.
    Thank you for a very easy to read informative article. I have it bookmarked.

    • You build a list by offering freebies. I can privately turn you on to some freebies you can use to rebrand and give away for people providing their name and email. Oh, and no, all these safelists are free to join, give you free credits to list your squeeze (capture) pages and when you run out of the free credits, you can either buy more or surf other peoples sites for credits. So this is an alternative to get traffic to your site for those of us with low budgets to work with.
      Send me an email or a private message here, and I will reply some freebies for you.

      Peace out~

  5. Hi Maylynn, I hope you are fine!

    Your post about Safe lists is very simple and I do understand a bit of it now thanks too you!

    Well it’s simple perhaps a bit too much, I didn’t quite understand everything and also I think you could explain it a little bit better.

    But overall the post is good, seems like a good idea to have a safe list!

    Keep up the good work!


  6. This is the list I’ve been waiting for! It’s so hard getting people to subscribe to my news list and it’s so hard to stay motivated in something that nobody is even receiving! I always find it so hard to get people towards my website too, so this might be a nice way to get exposure too!
    Thanks for sharing! And for sharing the tip on the freebies, that comes in handy too!

    • I can give you a lot more privately. send me a pm here or an email, (see about me tab), and I will reply with some more freebies for you.

      Peace Out~

  7. I like that you start off your post talking about safe lists. There’s nothing worse than getting spammed by marketers who don’t understand that they need to follow certain guidelines when adding people to their mailing list. Yes, a list is important, but it’s no good if you put people on your list without their permission because they end up putting you in their spam box. I like that you end the article with a formula (after getting permission to be put on the list). You add value in the first several emails, then do a sales offer. Wealthy Affiliate, the link you posted, teaches people how to do affiliate marketing from a to z.

    • Thank you for commenting on my article. You hit the nail, right on the head. It is important to get a person’s permission before adding them, or advising them that if they want what you are offering for free, they just need to supply their name and email address. Then you don’t just bombard them with sales pages, you continue to give them freebies, so that when you send a sales offer, they have a tendency to buy it, because you have already given them so much for free. It’s also a good way to build a relationship with the people on your list so they learn to trust that you are not going to scam them. You may want to add personal data as well in a conversational way, so that you can become friends with list members. omho

      Peace out~


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