What Is The Best Free Affiliate Marketing Training For Beginners?

The key points about this article are free and training. There is a lot
on the internet offering free training, but not all of those offering
free training are going to give to you the entire scope of affiliate
marketing like Wealthy Affiliate.

There are programs online that will charge you for training and
fall short on all of their promises of teaching you the latest and
greatest program that is going to make you rich, but alas they
are only out to take your money and seldom deliver on either

On some sites I have explored, I have only been given basic
information of how to set up sales funnels, and a bit of help on
choosing my niche.

So you may ask what is the best free affiliate marketing training for
beginners? The certification training at Wealthy Affiliate. Also, if you want
to take it even deeper to the next level, they offer a premium package
that is very affordable.

I have never experienced the depth of training that I have received there.
I have tried several online programs that claim to offer full training, but these
programs have fallen short on that promise every time. I now feel more
confident that I can be successful online than I have ever been.

Wealthy Affiliate has a large and helpful community that you are encouraged
to communicate with and anytime you have a question about what you are
learning, you need only to ask either your mentor or other members of the site
that are more than happy to help you with anything you may need.

Building Your Website

Creating and building your website is the first skill you will learn at Wealthy Affiliate.
They walk you through picking a title first, then adding your SEO (Search Engine
Optimization) data in the right section of your WordPress site back room.

You will want to do this so that the following steps will naturally flow as you do each
and every task with the tutorial and even publish your site to view live online.
They are very thorough in their instructions and you will be too, in your creation
of a new affiliate marketing website.

You don’t need to be a techy to set it up as they have some sophisticated software
that helps you set it up in about 10 minutes, if it takes you that long to do so.
You will be proud of your creation when completed and can share your accomplishments|
with the entire community.

Niche Research

You will need to pick a niche. Now this can be overwhelming if you have never done
this before, but when you have input from those who have been doing affiliate marketing
for 19+ years, it helps to narrow it down so that you can select a niche that is perfect
for you.

You can get niche ideas from the Clickbank Marketplace, where they have a complete
list of many niche ideas. You can also check out Amazon and their product categories,
as well as eBay and their product categories. Once you find an industry you are interested
in and would like to write about, then you break it down even further so that you can|
target a niche that is easily identified and you can select affiliate programs of
products to advertise on your site that will bring you revenue.

Ideally, you should decide on a niche that you are passionate about and interested in
learning more so that you will enjoy researching and writing about it.

Keyword Research

This part of affiliate marketing is a science all unto itself.
Finding the right keywords can make the difference of your
website ranking well or not ranking so well in the search
engine indexes. Keywords are words that are simile
to your website title and SEO content meta tags. This
search engine optimization drives free organic traffic
to your site.

This is all explained in the free training you receive at
Wealthy Affiliate in a step by step instruction tutorial. You
will understand keywords like never before after finishing
that section of their tutorial.

This leads to my next topic of creating content on your
website from your keywords. This is the fun part.

Writing Content Around Your Keywords

First off, you will write your title, that has your keywords in it and should be
compelling and interesting enough to grab your visitors attention, then creating
an article that keeps your audience reading all the way to the end of your article.

This is how you build out your website to be able to monetize your articles,
enabling you to make money.   Wealthy Affiliate gives you more than one
way to research your keywords and make it easy to follow along as you learn
all the cool things you can do for free, to come up with exceptional keywords
and key phrases.  Keywords are your key to success.


Wealthy Affiliate will help you build a website and after researching and discovering
your niche, using their keyword search program Jaaxy to find keywords that have traffic
and low competition, then writing your articles and posting them to your website, you
will have a dynamic blog in your first article that you can expand on for many more
articles in your particular niche to publish on your site and capture your audience.

This training that they provide is a no nonsense approach to finally making money
online, one step at a time, with consistent posting of articles and placing the link of
your site at social sites and forums so that others can see your creation and enjoy the
opportunity you will have learned.

You will also be helping others to learn how to make money online in this fledgling
economy that we in the United States and all over the world are experiencing
at the moment. In my book, that is the best part of all, and a noble adventure to set
your mind to accomplishing!

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