What is Traffic and Why Does it Matter?

Traffic is all the visitors that check out your site. These visitors can be
from different sources, like SEO (Search Engine Optimization), or from
any paid or free ads that you place on social media or throughout the
internet. You can also place ads in classified listings online and in
newspapers/magazines. Traffic can be from a mailing list that you have
developed and have sent an offer to as you promote your site.

Why does traffic matter?

Without traffic, you receive no sales, no revenue. If you want to monetize
your site and make money, you need traffic. Below is a brief list of
traffic drivers and what you need to do to get this traffic.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

SEO is probably the most valuable and targeted traffic you can find.
The reason for this is when you use keywords and fill your site with
content around that keyword (phrase), you will get ranked by google.
This rank determines whether you are on page 1 of a google search or
page 20 of a google search. Now obviously you want to be on the first
or second page of the search terms with your site as the traffic will be
directed to your site when your prospective client clicks on your site link
displayed by google. If you want targeted, organic traffic, this is
how you get it.

It is not easy to get or maintain a high rank for google search pages.
You must utilize your keywords carefully, integrating them with the natural
writing of your content.  A really good place to learn this technique is
Wealthy Affiliate located here.


Deciding On You Niche

You will pick your niche at the very beginning before you build a website,
so that when you get your site you can place your meta data in the title
and the description of your site.  You can brainstorm niche items by
industry and then narrow them down to a more specific item.


Build Your Website

To acquire traffic through SEO, you must first build a website. You
can get a free site and domain at Wealthy Affiliate, to start with, and
upgrade to your own domain name at a later date. They will teach you,
step by step how this is done, and then how to place your keywords
strategically so that you rank high with google within your specific niche.


Other Ways to Get Free Traffic to Your Site

Below are other ways to get free traffic to your site that I will touch briefly on
in this post and will expand on these tactics in later posts.

Sign up to online business directories
Build back links
Post to social media
Use hash tags in your posts
Guest Blogging
Engage online in forums and on influencers blogs in your niche


To get some really intense training on SEO and keywords for targeted
audiences, go to Wealthy Affiliate and sign up for free. Their courses
are easy to understand and they are thorough with the information they
give you.  They also put tasks at the end of every lesson so that you can
implement what you have learned immediately.


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    • I agree. I have used free traffic for the last 2 years I have been attempting to make money online. I have paid for it a couple of times, but I am on a limited budget too. Here is another place I have placed ads, just an fyi: http://freeadvertisingforyou.com/. I at least get hits on my site when using this traffic exchange and the owner Jason gives you quite a bit for free when you join.

      Thank you for your input on my site.


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